Improve every day!

74 and 73

Improve every day

The Taihu Golf course played long, these days. It was quite cold (11 Dgrs) and the fairways were hardly cut, that means no roll at all. Compared to the tournament in Sanya the balls would not fly so far here, which caused some problems to some of the players.

As i am rather a long hitter, this would not bother me too much. I would start the tournament with a 74 followed by a 73.

Caroline Rominger

72 Par

Finalday, sunday

Suzhou Taihu

The final day i was playing with Karen Lunn, an australian former LPGA player and 9 times winner on the LET. She is a so called living legend, at my point of view. It was an honour for me to play with her and in the end i even beat her thanks to a solid 72 that day. Some more 1-Putts could have… Whatever, until the 14th hole i just played pars, some of them were close to get -1. Every day a little improvement, this was great!

» Suzhou Taihu Ladies Open


Next Stop Corea

Korean Ladies Masters 2010

I am already in corea and on Tuesday i will be playing my first practice round. The tournament itself will start next friday.I

» Korean Ladies Masters

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